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tag: <span class="tag">#tags</span>

rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

link: ![](book path)

author: author

name: **Book title**

status: <span class="bracket">[[</span><span class="link">to read</span><span class="bracket">]]</span> / <span class="bracket">[[</span><span class="link">reading</span><span class="bracket">]]</span> / <span class="bracket">[[</span><span class="link">readed</span><span class="bracket">]]</span>

template: Book banner

type: <span class="bracket">[[</span><span class="link">Book</span><span class="bracket">]]</span>

Book banner

A simple book banner template that includes the cover book on the right. Also, includes editable HTML code and tooltip. Image of how it should look in your logseq: https://github.com/ganthonyr/mylogseq/blob/main/banner_book_template.png

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