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template: Meetings 👥



{:title [:b "Meeting referencing 🔎" ]

:query [:find (pull ?b [*])

:in $ ?end ?daysback


[?b :block/path-refs ?ref]

(not [?b :block/page ?page] ;<--- :block/page is an id,

[?page :block/name "meetings"]) ; not a string

[?ref :block/name "meetings"]

[?b :block/created-at ?v]

[(* ?daysback 60 60 24 1000) ?range]

[(- ?end ?range) ?period]

[(>= ?v ?period)]

[(< ?v ?end)]


:inputs [:end-of-today-ms 8]

:result-transform (fn [result]

(sort-by (fn [h]

(get h :block/updated-at)) result))



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## Key points

Meetings 👥

Advanced meeting template with query to search for any block containing the tag `meeting` in the past 8 days

Shared by NecessaryIllusions