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template-including-parent: false

template: Opportunity

Company: company

Name: opportunity name

Description: opportunity description

Value: $123

Winnability: X%

Created: <%today%>

Start: <%today%>

Close: <%today%>

phase: qualified - proposal - shortlisted - negotiation - won

Status: active - won - lost - deferred - dropped

Market: unknown - new - target - existing - core

Context: unknown - public domain - outline - detailed - indpeth

Contact: none - one_level - two_levels - multi_level - all_levels

DMU: not_met - met_one_role - met_some_roles - met_most_roles - met_all_roles

Drivers: unknown - no_pain/gain - no_attributed_value - quantified_pain/gain

Proposition: none - weak/no delivery - good/no delivery - strong/delivery gaps - strong/full delivery

Competition: unknown - multiple - two_or_three - single - preferred

Category: <span class="tag">#opportunity</span>

CRM Opportunity

Logseq CRM Opportunity Metadata Template - A CRM you build as your business grows which enables you to manage customer relationships not just opportunities. The opportunity metadata template is for business opportunities created from contacts and meetings and captures the details on a single page. Visit www.logseqcrm.com to sign up for access to more tools

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